NOAC: Northeast Ohio AuD Consortium

NOAC Faculty

Hayley Arnold, PhD

Associate Professor, Program Director/Coordinator (KSU)

Alma Mater: James Madison University, Vanderbilt University

Responsibilities/Interests: Director of the Speech-Language Physiology Laboratory, Stuttering



Holle Aungst, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: University of Akron, University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Pediatric diagnostics and amplification


Anne Baker, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: Salus University

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction



 Myrna Forbes, AuD

Audiology Graduate and Clinical Coordinator (KSU)

Alma Mater: University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction





Julie Honaker, PhD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: University of Cincinnati

Responsibilities/Interests: Vestibular and Balance Disorders across the lifespan



Julia Jones Huyck, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: Northwestern University

Responsibilities/Interests: Teaching; effects of maturation, aging, disability, cognition on the perceptual learning of speech and more basic auditory stimuli.



Mark Krumm, PhD

Associate Professor

Alma Mater: Wichita State University

Responsibilities/Interests: Telehealth, Early Intervention, and Pediatric Audiology



Alex Meibos, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: Utah State University

Responsibilities/Interests: Counseling, Aural Rehabilitation/Habilitation, Musicians with Hearing Loss



Erin Miller, AuD

Professor of Instruction, NOAC Coordinator

Alma Mater: Kent State University, University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Overseeing NOAC program; leadership development; SAA Chapter Advisor



Bruna Mussoi, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: University of Iowa

Responsibilities/Interests: Age-related changes in the auditory system, speech perception in elderly; peripheral, central, and cognitive mechanisms; Electrophysiology



Craig Newman, PhD

Vice Chair in the Head & Neck Institute, Section Head of Allied Hearing, Speech, and Balance Services, Professor in the Department of Surgery in the Lerner College of Medicine

Alma Mater: Bowling Green State University, Case Western Reserve University

Responsibilities/Interests: Geriatric communication disorders, hearing aids,  outcomes research, tinnitus, tinnitus management


Sharon Sandridge, PhD

Director of Clinical Services in Audiology, Co-Director of the Tinnitus Management Clinic and Audiology Research Lab

Alma Mater: University of Akron, University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: electrophysiologic assessment of hearing including newborn diagnostics, neurodiagnostics and assessment for dizziness, older adults, state-of-the-art amplification options including open-ear fittings and assistive listening devices, Tinnitus Management



Kathern Sigal Papp, AuD

Audiology Clinical Coordinator (UAkron), Hearing Aid Dispensary

Alma Mater: The University of Akron/NOAC

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction, Patient Care, Clinic Operations


Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD

Audiology Director, Hearing Implant Progam

Alma Mater: University of Louisville, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Gallaudet University

Responsibilities/Interests: Cochlear implants, bone-anchored implants, evoked potentials, hearing aids, diagnostics



Kristine Sonstrom Malowski, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Audiology Graduate Coordinator (UAkron)

Alma Mater: University of Cincinnati

Responsibilities/Interests: FETCHLAB™ Akron Director; animal audiology; vestibular and advanced electrophysiologic assessment



James Steiger, PhD

Professor, School Director (UAkron)

Alma Mater: Kent State University

Responsibilities/Interests: Diagnostic Audiology, Tinnitus Assessment and Management



Julie Vogt, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: The University of Akron/NOAC

Responsibilities, Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction




Stacy Weisend, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: Kent State University/NOAC

Interests/Responsibilities: Vestibular Assessment and Diagnosis, Clinical Instruction, Anatomy and Neuroanatomy, Psychology (Anxiety and its effect on communication), and Adaptive Counseling


Emeritus and Past NOAC Faculty

Kristina M. English, PhD

John W. Hawks, PhD

Carol Flexer, PhD