NOAC: Northeast Ohio AuD Consortium

NOAC Faculty

Hayley Arnold, PhD

Associate Professor, Program Director/Coordinator (KSU)

Alma Mater: James Madison University, Vanderbilt University

Responsibilities/Interests: Director of the Speech-Language Physiology Laboratory, Stuttering



Holle Aungst, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: University of Akron, University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Pediatric diagnostics and amplification


Anne Baker, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: Salus University

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction



 Myrna Forbes, AuD

Audiology Graduate and Clinical Coordinator (KSU)

Alma Mater: University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction





Julie Honaker, PhD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: University of Cincinnati

Responsibilities/Interests: Vestibular and Balance Disorders across the lifespan



Julia Jones Huyck, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: Northwestern University

Responsibilities/Interests: Teaching; effects of maturation, aging, disability, cognition on the perceptual learning of speech and more basic auditory stimuli.



Mark Krumm, PhD

Associate Professor

Alma Mater: Wichita State University

Responsibilities/Interests: Telehealth, Early Intervention, and Pediatric Audiology



Alex Meibos, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: Utah State University

Responsibilities/Interests: Counseling, Aural Rehabilitation/Habilitation, Musicians with Hearing Loss



Erin Miller, AuD

Professor of Instruction, NOAC Coordinator

Alma Mater: Kent State University, University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Overseeing NOAC program; leadership development; SAA Chapter Advisor



Bruna Mussoi, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: University of Iowa

Responsibilities/Interests: Age-related changes in the auditory system, speech perception in elderly; peripheral, central, and cognitive mechanisms; Electrophysiology



Craig Newman, PhD

Vice Chair in the Head & Neck Institute, Section Head of Allied Hearing, Speech, and Balance Services, Professor in the Department of Surgery in the Lerner College of Medicine

Alma Mater: Bowling Green State University, Case Western Reserve University

Responsibilities/Interests: Geriatric communication disorders, hearing aids,  outcomes research, tinnitus, tinnitus management


Sharon Sandridge, PhD

Director of Clinical Services in Audiology, Co-Director of the Tinnitus Management Clinic and Audiology Research Lab

Alma Mater: University of Akron, University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: electrophysiologic assessment of hearing including newborn diagnostics, neurodiagnostics and assessment for dizziness, older adults, state-of-the-art amplification options including open-ear fittings and assistive listening devices, Tinnitus Management



Kathern Sigal Papp, AuD

Audiology Clinical Coordinator (UAkron), Hearing Aid Dispensary

Alma Mater: The University of Akron/NOAC

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction, Patient Care, Clinic Operations


Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD

Audiology Director, Hearing Implant Progam

Alma Mater: University of Louisville, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Gallaudet University

Responsibilities/Interests: Cochlear implants, bone-anchored implants, evoked potentials, hearing aids, diagnostics



Kristine Sonstrom Malowski, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Audiology Graduate Coordinator (UAkron)

Alma Mater: University of Cincinnati

Responsibilities/Interests: FETCHLAB™ Akron Director; animal audiology; vestibular and advanced electrophysiologic assessment



James Steiger, PhD

Professor, School Director (UAkron)

Alma Mater: Kent State University

Responsibilities/Interests: Diagnostic Audiology, Tinnitus Assessment and Management



Julie Vogt, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: The University of Akron/NOAC

Responsibilities, Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction



Emeritus and Past NOAC Faculty

Kristina M. English, PhD

John W. Hawks, PhD

Carol Flexer, PhD


Past Clinical Faculty

Stacy Weisend, AuD