NOAC: Northeast Ohio AuD Consortium

NOAC Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the premier Doctor of Audiology program in the country with a reputation for excellence, innovation, and leadership in the education of students and in the generation, integration, and dissemination of knowledge concerning audiology.

Goals and Strategies

Goal 1: Ensure student success by attracting outstanding students and providing excellence in didactic and clinical education.


  • Maintain the number of students admitted to NOAC to 11 per university per year.
  • Refine and update the NOAC curriculum on a continuing basis.


  • Maintain an informative and current NOAC Web Site.
  • Encourage prospective students to visit the NOAC institutions.
  • Promote the program on the local, state, and national level.
  • Review and update the curriculum on a continuing basis with extensive review once every five years.

Goal 2: Strengthen the collaborative nature of the consortium


  • Enhance communication among NOAC faculty, students, and preceptors.
  • Foster research relationships with the Cleveland Clinic faculty and provide opportunities for student engagement in these projects.


  • Insure that all NOAC students have access to both campuses and the services provided on each campus.
  • Continue to inform upper administration of continuing successes in meeting criteria of excellence.
  • Continue to benchmark with other Au.D. programs.
  • Continue to develop and expand opportunities for collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic including pediatric assisting opportunities, participation in the Dangerous Decibels™ and Cleveland Institute of Music programs, and student-faculty research.

Goal 3: Enhance and expand partnerships with the professional community


  • Increase the number and variety of external training sites for students including 3rd and 4th year sites.
  • Engage in more collaborative activities with affiliated external sites.


  • Enhance, acknowledge, and reward relationships with external sites by providing CEU events.
  • Obtain additional funding for students to work and support research in hearing, noise, and balance at the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED).

Goal 4: Improve community well-being by providing exemplary audiologic services to the public of Northeast Ohio


  • Continue to provide diagnostic and treatment services for individuals with hearing, tinnitus, and balance problems, including specialized clinics for amplification, auditory processing disorders, tinnitus, balance, and hearing assistive technology.
  • Serve as a resource for solving community problems related to hearing impairment, balance, and hearing loss prevention.


  • Provide resources and support for community use of Hearing Assistive Technology.
  • Provide hearing loss prevention and audiology consultation services.
  • Partner with community agencies in providing hearing and balance diagnostic and treatment services.

Goal 5: Enhance consortium resources


  • Increase the amount of external funding provided to the consortium


  • Identify potential sources of funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations.
  • Work with the offices of development to increase the amount of donations from individual, corporate, and foundation donors.

Assessment Timeline:

This strategic plan will be evaluated over the next five years. Data concerning each goal will be collected and assessed annually.

Last revision: September 2020

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