NOAC Faculty

Anne Baker July 2013 A

Anne Baker, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: Salus University

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction







Kris English, PhD

Professor, Interim School Director

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

Responsibilities/Interests: Teaching, audiologic counseling, reading



Myrna Powell McMunn July 2013 B

 Myrna Forbes, AuD

Audiology Clinical Coordinator

Alma Mater: University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, clinical instruction






John Hawks, PhD

Associate Professor, AuD Graduate Coordinator for Kent State

Alma Mater: Washington University, St. Louis

Responsibilities/Interests: Teaching; speech perception via cochlear implants





HuyckJulia1_0Julia Huyck, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: Northwestern University

Responsibilities/Interests: Teaching; effects of maturation, aging, disability, cognition on the perceptual learning of speech and more basic auditory stimuli.





mkrumm faculty pixMark Krumm, PhD

Associate Professor

Alma Mater: Wichita State University KS

Responsibilities/Interests: Telehealth, travel





MillerErinErin Miller, AuD

NOAC Coordinator, Clinic Director

Alma Mater: Kent State, University of Florida

Responsibilities/Interests: Overseeing NOAC program; leadership development





Kathern Sigal Papp, AuD

Senior Clinical Audiologist

Alma Mater: The University of Akron/NOAC

Responsibilities/Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction, Patient Care, Clinic Operations



Kris with pup 2Kristine Sonstrom, AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: The University of Cincinnati

Responsibilities/Interests: Teaching vestibular and advanced electrophysiologic assessment; animal audiology





James Steiger, PhD

Professor, AuD Graduate Coordinator for the University of Akron

Alma Mater: Kent State

Responsibilities/Interests: Diagnostics, Tinnitus, Abraham Lincoln





IMG_0284Julie Vogt, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: The University of Akron/NOAC

Responsibilities, Interests: Preceptor, Clinical Instruction







Stacy Weisend, AuD

Clinical Instructor

Alma Mater: Kent State University/NOAC

Interests/Responsibilities: Vestibular Assessment and Diagnosis, Clinical Instruction, Anatomy and Neuroanatomy, Psychology (Anxiety and its effect on communication) and Adaptive Counseling